KDE 4.10 for Slax

I've compiled KDE 4.10 for Slax. It has somehow different look (using Air style instead of Oxygen), and it has some noticable problems such as strange Device notifier placement. I guess I am going to wait for 4.10.1 which will hopefully address the issues I encountered, or I may try to workaround them myself if there is some time. Last two weeks were really problematic for me, my wife and two kids got flu at the same time, and it's almost impossible to do anything under that circumstances. I wonder how is that possible that I didn't get infected as well till now :) Most likely it was thanks to the drugs (vitamins) I consume :) Anyway, they are all fine now so I'm looking forward to fully resume my work on Monday.

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Alberto Krishna Ksatria 2013-02-08 14:20

May God bless them, sir.
I'm waiting for the KDE 4.10

K.S.A 2013-02-08 16:53

hi Tomas,
I tried slax-Arabic.zip on USB.
I wanna notice that was perfect, but there is wrong in language layout.
please, on next version replace Urdu to Arabic (ara).

best regards !

Alec 2013-02-09 01:00

Sorry for offtopic, but i'm extremely needed module named Gparted i used in slax 6.x, do you planning make it to slax 7? Or maybe you have a some replace?

@ Alec 2013-02-09 02:31

Have you seen this???

Favorite the following as it still has useful content


Bundles to use with Slax 7.0 - em


gparted 0.14.0 from Slacky all in one (all deps libs includes).


Mocabilly 2013-02-09 03:39

@ Times like these, I really miss a "this is spam" button on this blog... :s
("Mathemathics in Differential Equations" and alike)

Tomas, I hope everyone in family gets well soon.

jcsoh 2013-02-09 03:53

We just have to wait for Tomas to zap it. Must be sort of bot.?.
The first post sound "human" enough then it get weirder and weirder...

Mocabilly 2013-02-09 04:48

I gazed long enough to those texts to start thinking there is some kind of hidden message in them :D

Tomas M 2013-02-09 05:13

Sorry about the spam, it is now removed. I think I should make posting only available for people who sign in, will be easier to blacklist permanently.

Wizard57M 2013-02-09 08:24

Re: signing in...I would not mind, but perhaps a local
list of verified users rather than using Facebook, Twitter,
Google or Yahoo would be better? Of those 4, Yahoo
is the only one I have any sort of "identity" with, as I
do not use the others much, only some Google.
Spam is almost a universal problem at any forum, and
can consume vast amounts of time to deal with. Perhaps
one or two users would volunteer to help? I'm a bit too
busy at the moment as I'm a volunteer moderator at a
couple of large sites (ZDNet and TechRepublic).
Just an idea.
Wiz <{;-)

jcsoh 2013-02-09 08:32

This is the first time spam appeared on the blog.
On slax 6's forum , spam is minimal . Perhaps two regular vincent/nancy.
So please don't over react and inconvenience genuine users.

Mark De Silva 2013-02-09 23:30


Mocabilly 2013-02-10 00:02

Did you test KDE 4.10 - is there a significant performance gain?
(as mentioned in the link you posted)

William Wong 2013-02-10 00:21

Glad to know your family feel better.

I found that softcenter is depend on firefox. :-(
Hope it could get rid of the firefox in the future.

lainme 2013-02-10 02:36

I found that firefox runs very slow on USB flash card, would you consider to add a text-based browser by default ?

And it seems that networkmanager can't remember wireless and VPN passwords. Also, every time when I want to edit a connection, it shows "no agents available" error.

Peter 2013-02-10 13:37

Sorry if this is off-topic.. I noticed that when you choose to load Slax into RAM it always loads a fresh install regardless of any previous customizations.

Is there a way to load the last persistent snapshot into RAM?


pistal 2013-02-10 20:49

I also tried check "Persistent changes" and "Copy to RAM" and it works fine.
I make some folders and edit file. What exactly was your problem? Any config file in /etc? I use Slax705 - 32bit.

guttaslax 2013-02-10 23:55

I remember it was an issue with 7.0, try upgrading to latest slax 7.0.5

MisaT 2013-02-11 00:21

Hi Tomas, thank you for your great work on slax!
I was thinking that it would be nice to have a slax logo (čtyřlístek) as a icon for main menu instead of KDE logo :-)

Peter 2013-02-11 01:13

If I check both "Persistent changes" and "Copy to RAM" it still reads/writes on the usb stick. I was wondering if it's possible to load a previously customized Slax completely read-only in RAM.

I am using slax 7.0.5 x64.

Ricardo Ordeñana 2013-02-11 01:24

Sorry about your wife and kids, glad to know they're better now :)

New KDE 4.10 looks great, hope you fix those issues soon and having new KDE in Slax.

Jcsoh 2013-02-11 01:29

"Persistent changes" and "Copy to RAM" it still reads/writes on the usb stick.
With "Persistent changes" , slax will read the existing saved changes ,
and will write the new changes. So obviously it have to reads/writes on the usb stick.

To use the previously customized Slax completely read-only in RAM.:-
(a) Make the saved changes in /mnt/live/memory/changes into a module using dir2sb.
(b) Put the sb in /modules
(c) Boot up slax WITHOUT persistent change BUT WITH Copy to ram.

Slax will not read the saved changes or write new changes, but the customisation done earlier is applied via the module .

Peter 2013-02-11 02:01

Thank you for the quick reply. It's the first time I use Slax and I'd like to ask one more thing before I go and experiment with modules.

Are there any limitations regarding what can be included in modules? In my Slax installation I manually compiled several libraries and made some links between files. Can these changes be included in a module using the method you described?

Thanks in advance.

jcsoh 2013-02-11 02:31

To upload to official slax's repository , the big NO NO are:-
(a) Overwriting any of slax's original files.
(b) Including large (most ly unread documentations / manuals /samples -Things not required to actually run the software).
(b) Lumping different programmes/libraries into a large all in one module.

No rules applies to your own personal module , but to distributes , certain documentation like copyright notice need to be included.

"Can these changes be included in a module using the method you described?"

Yes .

Peter 2013-02-11 03:03

Thanks jcsoh, I really appreciate your help.
I managed to do it as you said and it worked fine.


bb as guest 2013-02-11 06:39

Hi folks, Tomas, et al ..

I use the dynamic size changes.dat file on a vfat partition.

Can someone reveal how to mount that to look inside it? Old loop-mount method doesn't seem to work here.


Tomas M 2013-02-11 10:12

It is a loop-mounted dynfilefs filesystem. You'll need the dynfilefs driver for it, get it here:

Mark De Silva 2013-02-11 10:32

@Mocabilly, nope haven't tried it out - its holiday season here (Chinese New Year) and I've been visiting relatives and friends with the family. Hardly got time to even log in. Will try it soon I guess then let you know.

Philip 2013-02-11 21:33

How can I increase the konsole font size?

Mark De Silva 2013-02-12 02:33

@Philip under settings, edit the current profile. You should be able to see where to change the font from there.

Philip 2013-02-12 03:05

Thanks Mark

With your help I have now increased the font.

Peter 2013-02-12 03:31

Has anyone managed to successfully connect to a VPN in Slax 7?

unixino 2013-02-16 21:44

Why not giving (RazorQT) a try , is lighter than kde


awesome 2013-02-19 02:09

slax is looking good!!!!!!

Jcsoh 2013-03-11 16:57

@ Tomas

Please remove spams from:-

Tomas M 2013-03-14 21:08

I've removed all the spam and I've made the blog comments available only for signed users. Furthermore I'll add an option to sign in using email, for people who do not use any of the social media.