Broken modules deleted

I've deleted 181 broken modules which were autogenerated from Slackware's packages but didn't work on Slax due to some missing dependency or any other reason. There were already some users waiting for that action in order to be able to upload own build scripts for some of the software, so now it is your chance :) Thank you, and I'm sorry it took me so long.

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Willy Sudiarto Raharjo 2013-03-18 00:20

Can you list them?

Tomas M 2013-03-18 20:05

No more, sorry

pvtmert 2013-03-19 03:10

Hi Tomas, I want to ask something;
First, can we download modules directly. I mean -all- of them or some of them. Is there any directory containing them. I have 64bit version of everything but I will make USB drive with slax 32-bit. Got nearly 1.5 GB modules but i dont want to download them one-by-one.
Second, as I said, can i download 'changed' modules from somewhere. Like 'extracted iso of current build' I have 1 megabit connection and sometimes download interrupts. (even dlms cant recover)
Third. I want to use - actually already using - Slax in my school for Interactive Boards. I have found compatible touch-screen driver and installed then made bundle of it. Also created some basic scipts that giving proper hostname for these boards/computers. All data coming from local PXE server. Local connection speed is up to 100Mbps. So all 1GB data should download in 1 or 2 minutes, and boot is less than 30 seconds. No persistent changes and no copy2ram. Just KDE, and not by XMODE (it causes touchscreen driver not to work) by rc.local file...
Everything is perfect to here, my problem is getting first data hangs or waits too long. It instantly takes vmlinuz and initrd but when it comes downloading modules waits nearly 2-3 mins at 'waiting data from' or something like that. After that starts down-loading modules...
I did not searched much. But i think you may know why it hangs. I have httpd, sshd, and telnetd on server. Server runs from hdd not usb.
This project is experimental but worth to try. I want to see Slax in good places because of being compact and fast, easy to use, supporting various things...


Viktor Benevski 2013-03-19 10:53

Today I test slax for backward compatibility. From cd with 32 bit 7.0.5 i type option from=slax-6.0.0.iso.
Option from usually working with the same version, but with different was not successful. That's meaning the option from=somefile.iso loading only modules from this iso file, but initrd and BOOT_IMAGE are from cd. In case of new kernel this will failed because of different paths.
Did someone have idea what prefix to put before /boot/initrd.gz and before /boot/vmlinuz to point exactly files from the pointed iso image?
In other case I have to burn every new slax to other cd (not very acceptable for me)

Viktor Benevski 2013-03-19 11:14

BTW I have one idea about my problem. I intend to extract initrd file and BOOT_IMAGE file from newest iso to /mnt/sda1 and to add in boot options initrd=/dev/sda1/initrd.gz BOOT_IMAGE=/dev/sda1/vmlinuz

benko cenko 2013-03-20 09:28

please often update slax please very much update because i need slax new versions i need slax.

Richard 2013-03-20 10:07

can anyone tell me how to connect to a vpn using the kde network manager?


Jos 2013-03-20 11:59

Hi Tomas,

Is there a forum where we can ask/answer questions? I was looking for it but can't seem to find it only the blog.

Thanks for delivering a great new Slax release.


Jhezzy Jaena 2013-03-20 12:58

@ Jos
Try the old slax forum here: http://old.slax.org/forum.php

François Lavoie 2013-03-23 15:38

Effectively, there is a problemsystem-config-printer:

root@slax:~# slax activate system-config-printer
Download in progress...
100% done
Download completed: 1723-system-config-printer.sb
Slax Bundle activated: 1723-system-config-printer.sb

For one reason or another the above command does not download the full array of bundles necessary to get the printer setup. Where are cups, gutenprint .... ?

Last messenger 2013-03-23 23:12

Hi Thomas;
I had downloaded V7.04 both English and Thai edition. But I found the former more pleasant after I added Thai font.
This is one of the best Linux I've experienced. It's should be ranked #15-20 in Distrowatch, in my opinion. But if it has all the popular applications it should be one of the top 5. When I used it in the net shop I also found the connection was excellent.
My first time to experience KDE&Dolphin. The most powerful WM&FM I have experienced. But KDE is too complexed for me. What I did to easily get the panel I want is to;
-- Create new default panel.
-- Delete both panels.
-- Create new default panel again.
And if I added "Slax destop" I can't remove it (V7.08).
I found Dolphin can't group icons correctly at the first time. I must sorting and grouping agian.

Some feedbacks;
1. Because of my quirky bios sometimes I ddin't see the first menu, and if I saw there's only 1 second left. I hope it could be longer, please.
2. Is it possible to have a selection of 2 dat files? One for the first time that user had config. to suit each personal. And another one is the latest dat file. Another option is to stop the monitoring process which can cause some problem in slow machine.

Some bugs;
1. From Desktop theme, if I choose Open air for notebook I can't switch back to others;
2. SM player showed Thai files correctly, but Juk showed some files name error.

7Gods bless you.
Last messenger

pvtmert 2013-03-24 06:07

@Last messenger, about your feedbacks,
1. You can edit syslinux.cfg file in /slax/boot (in your flash)
set timeout 100. It will be 10 seconds. Yu must muliply by 10 for setting this. For example: To set 15 seconds it will be 150.
2. You can try to rename their extension to sb, then use Qbundlemerge. I think it can handle this.
first, boot with your first dat file and do command "dir2sb /mnt/live/memory/data/changes firstfile.sb" (without quotes) then copy/move your file to safe location,
do it same for booting with secondary dat file. this time change your out sb name for example secondfile.sb
then use qbundlemerge as i said in first solution. Finally, put your merged sb file to /slax/modules/ (be sure its starting with 9999- or else 8888-) example: 9999-mert.sb then it will load after all modules...
1: I have changed to air too. But i did not tried to change back. Also i have configuration like above. So my changes are frozen. I have set them once, It always loading them, but never 'overwrites' into. No difference between 2 boot, but first one. (Obv i had to set settings before using it...)
2. I also got Turkish version and always downloading it. But nearly never used it in Turkish. I'm using it to adversite slax or showing my friends to 'it supports'.
Get into slax and go to /mnt/live/memory/bundles/01-core/etc/profile.d copy lang.sh and put it to /mnt/live/memory/data/slax/rootcopy/etc/profile.d (create etc profile.d folders)
It will boot (if clean/no persistent) in English core. Also you can change KDE language from Locale icon in system-settings
PS. Turkish had one bug too. But its not slax-related, it was kde-related. It was logical error ( kullanici mert uzerinde slax uzerinde slax uzerinde.....) in Klick-off menu. I have fixed it by editing such file...
PS.-2-. Im using 7.0.5 which is more stable i think. you can find older builds in here: http://ftp.slax.org/Slax-7.x/ and its not including localized versions older than 3 build. so you have to download your localization bundle separately...
Hope it helps, have a nice day.

kouji yamada 2013-04-01 01:53

Sorry,it's Japnese URL.
I've made some Slax 7.0.8 sbs.
libreoffice 4.0.0 1fg
cairo-dock 3.0.2 1ftm
megamario 1.6c 1gv
desmume-0.9.8 1ponce
And,please often update slax.

kouji yamada 2013-04-02 22:15

For Japanese Staffs
Please visit my homepage.
Please more Japanese informations.

Last messenger 2013-04-14 01:20

Hi pvtmert
Thank you very much for your detailed explanation.
I don't have much linux knowledge so I don't know how to Qbundlemerge. After I tried reading many times I still got puzzle, very sorry about this.
My idea is that I want to delete the file that perform the background monitor, which in my opinion will be easier than using the Qbundlemerge method. Or is it possible to change the time value from monitor every 10 minutes to 4 hours?
Perhaps you don't understand about the error I found in Juk. I have used the English version 7.08 with installed Thai font, which is OK for me. But as I understand, you explained how to change Thai version into English version. Sorry if I misunderstand you.

One more question, do you know how to change wallpaper? I am very surprised that Slax doesn't have this feature.

7 Gods bless you.

Alexander Oberhuber 2013-04-14 01:38

I could really need some VNC server/client such as TigerVNC, TightVNC and Teamviewer; can you help me to make such modules for Slax 7 ?

jcsoh 2013-04-14 13:11

@ Last messenger
"so I don't know how to Qbundlemerge"
It's a gui module for merging modules

In slax 6 , you can specify changes.dat to use with
changes=/path/file.dat (You can rename the changes dat)
Hence you can have
changes=/path/file1.dat or changes=/path/file2.dat but I am not too sure if this cheatcode is still available

jcsoh 2013-04-14 13:25

"One more question, do you know how to change wallpaper? I am very surprised that Slax doesn't have this feature."

Is a kde function and it is still available..
Just right click with the mouse on your Desktop.
Choose Folder View Setting.
You will see Wallpaper option on the right hand side (2nd option) . You can the navigate to select your new wall paper.

Last messenger 2013-05-28 02:26

Hi jcsoh, thank a lot for your useful information.

Wijnand 2013-07-22 03:34

I have an Ubuntu HTTP-server for my website. I try to make a stand-alone presentation for the "static" part of the website on DVD. Of course Slax with a data-bundle with the static HTML-part. Is it possible to run dir2sb and QBundleMerge on my Ubuntu server? In this way I can make this bundle on the server and combine it with a prepared Slax (Apache etc.). Is there any information what standard module contains what applications? Which modules can I take away only to run Firefox?
Thanks and regards...