Tray icon for shutdown

FluxBox is somehow limited in the way how to customize its look. No icons on desktop, no shutdown buttons... So I hired a programmer who wrote the best application on the world - SysTray Icon Launcher. It is like 50 lines of code, and what it does is pretty simple. Put an icon to system tray and execute a command when it is clicked. Thanks to it, we now have an awesome power button in about 20KB or so :) Hell I love this wallpaper, all screenshots are so cool!

User comments
kgbme 2017-11-15 13:13

Sure, it's tiny; but, I don't understand the principle, from:

"Slax provides KDE4 desktop environment [..]"

Why (in the world :)) would there be KDE libraries in a 'small' *nix install?.. Wouldn't something like Xfce make *way* moar sense? o.0 It doesn't have to be some funny, crippled, shell.

Anyway, Alt+F4 will -hopefully- do this function, just running the distro (for the first time, ever) in Oracle VirtualBox... Hopefully this old bucket will be able to emulate it!.. Thanks for your work! :)

Tomas M 2017-11-15 13:50

I am not sure if you understand that the documentation online is OLD and OUTDATED, it is for the old Slax release. New Slax which will be available in about 22 hours will not have KDE installed

Oliver Mak 2017-11-16 10:19

Hope this good "old" version of SLAX 7.0.8 will be also available -- at least for some months (from now) --, similar to the previous SLAX 6.1.2, SLAX (?)
Last years I used them almost in exclusive mode.
Am not online all the time, so don't know how can I use the cloud version. I could make a private (safe) "cloud" copy, -- as I've saved older SLAX-es and some modules --, or will be available a live.iso too?
Sorry if I misunderstanded something.
Thanks for all previous and next SLAX-es!