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Modules downloadable from this website were made for old Slax versions (7.x) and they may not work on current Slax 9.x.
For Slax 9, use 'apt' to install software, there is no need for dedicated module repository anymore.
Gnumeric is a spreadsheet program. It has the ability to import and export data in several file formats, including CSV, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Works spreadsheets (.wks), HTML, LaTeX, Lotus 1-2-3, OpenDocument and Quattro Pro; its native format is the Gnumeric file format (.gnm or .gnumeric), an XML file compressed with gzip.
download 32bitdownload - 3.96 MB
download 64bitdownload - 4.07 MB
last update5 years ago
requires to runlibgsf, goffice
maintainerManfred Mueller @fluxflux.net
build scriptview
requires to compileperl, intltool, gettext-tools, expat, pcre