Warning: This part of Slax website is deprecated.
Modules downloadable from this website were made for old Slax versions (7.x) and they may not work on current Slax 9.x.
For Slax 9, use 'apt' to install software, there is no need for dedicated module repository anymore.
Module Download Description Requires Size
abiword Word processing program similar to Microsoft Word 5 modules 4.81 MB
bitmap X bitmap (XBM) editor and converter utilities - 0.06 MB
calligra-light Words, Stage, Sheets and Plan components from Calligra Office suite. 5 modules 18.34 MB
ed text editor - 0.05 MB
elvis console text editor - 0.66 MB
emacs GNU Emacs is an extensible text editor written in LISP. 2 modules 37.88 MB
emacs-full GNU Emacs is an extensible, customizable text editor - and more. 20 modules 34.96 MB
emacs-nox GNU Emacs is an extensible, customizable text editor and more. At its core is an interpreter for Emacs Lisp, a dialect of the Lisp programming language with extensions to support text editing. This is a lightweight build of Emacs without ImageMagick, fftw, openEXR, jasper, or djvulibre dependencies. - 35.02 MB
geany Geany is a text editor with basic IDE features. - 2.65 MB
gnumeric A GNOME spreadsheet application 2 modules 3.96 MB
hexedit view and edit files in hexadecimal or in ASCII - 0.02 MB
hnb Hierachal Note Book. Lets you keep tree structured notes. From a CLI curses interface. - 0.04 MB
imagemagick a robust collection of image processing tools 1 module 5.87 MB
jed programmer's editor - 0.52 MB
joe Joe text editor - 0.29 MB
jove Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs - 0.13 MB
leafpad GTK+ based simple text editor - 0.12 MB
leafpad-0_8_18_1 GTK+ based simple text editor - 0.07 MB
libreoffice A Productivity Suite. 2 modules 110.23 MB
nano Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced free Pico clone - 0.40 MB
scite SCIntilla based Text Editor - 0.82 MB
softmaker-freeoffice Free office suite from Germany. - 58.67 MB
spe A Python IDE with an emphasis on Blender integration. 2 modules 0.40 MB
texlive A free software distribution for the TeX typesetting system 2 modules 353.36 MB
texmaker Free cross-platform LaTeX editor 1 module 8.96 MB
vim Vi IMproved - 5.28 MB
vim-qt Vim-Qt an experimental Qt gui for Vim. 1 module 1.07 MB
vim-with-python Vi IMproved 1 module 5.52 MB
vim-xterm Vi IMproved - 5.30 MB
vim74 Vi Improved, a highly configurable, improved version of the vi text editor (Version 7.4) - 5.96 MB
wiznote Cross-platform cloud based note-taking client - 4.42 MB
WPS-Office This is not an open-source software. - 166.11 MB
xfig interactive drawing tool - 2.88 MB
zim A desktop Wiki software. 4 modules 0.00 MB