Warning: This part of Slax website is deprecated.
Modules downloadable from this website were made for old Slax versions (7.x) and they may not work on current Slax 9.x.
For Slax 9, use 'apt' to install software, there is no need for dedicated module repository anymore.
Module Download Description Requires Size
a52dec a52dec is a test program for liba52. - 0.03 MB
aalib aalib (ASCII Art library) - 0.16 MB
analitza library to add mathematical features to programs - 0.22 MB
apache-ant Java library and command-line tool to drive processes from build files - 2.22 MB
appmenu-qt Application menu module for Qt - 0.02 MB
apr Apache Portable Runtime library - 0.22 MB
apr-util Apache Portable Runtime utilities 1 module 0.11 MB
asio A C++ Network Library. - 0.16 MB
aspell spell checker - 0.57 MB
aspell-de GNU Aspell 0.60 German Dictionary Package. 1 module 3.09 MB
aspell-en GNU Aspell 0.60 English Dictionary Package. 1 module 1.09 MB
at-spi2-atk Library that bridges ATK to the At-Spi2 D-Bus service. 1 module 0.06 MB
at-spi2-core A part of the GNOME Accessibility Project. - 0.25 MB
atkmm C++ interface for ATK accessibility toolkit library 2 modules 0.08 MB
audiofile audio support library - 0.13 MB
babl pixel format translation library - 0.07 MB
bluez Bluetooth libraries and utilities - 0.76 MB
boost Boost C++ Libraries 1 module 6.89 MB
bullet collision detection, rigid body, and soft body dynamics library - 0.98 MB
cairomm C++ wrapper for the cairo graphics library. 1 module 0.07 MB
chmlib library for accessing CHM files - 0.04 MB
clisp a Common Lisp implementation - 3.07 MB
cln CLN is a C++ library for efficient computations - 0.93 MB
cln134 CLN is a C++ library for efficient computations - 0.93 MB
clucene Text-Search Engine in C++ - 0.61 MB
clutter Open GL based interactive canvas library 2 modules 1.33 MB
clutter-gtk providing facilities to integrate Clutter into GTK+ applications 2 modules 0.03 MB
cmocka The lightweight C unit testing library 1 module 0.02 MB
cogl Object oriented GL/GLES Abstraction/Utility Layer - 0.48 MB
ConsoleKit user, login, and seat tracking framework - 0.10 MB
curl command line URL data transfer tool - 0.81 MB
db42 Berkeley database library 4.2.x - 0.35 MB
db44 Berkeley database library 4.4.x - 1.73 MB
db48 Berkeley database library 4.8.x - 2.39 MB
dbus-python Python bindings for dbus - 0.12 MB
DevIL Developer's Image Library - 0.14 MB
E17 E17 Desktop Environment 1 module 0.00 MB
ecore EFL Event Loop Library 1 module 0.35 MB
edje EFL GUI Layout and Animation Library 3 modules 0.29 MB
eet EFL File Manipulation Library 1 module 0.08 MB
eeze EFL Device Abstraction Library 1 module 0.04 MB
efontconfig To be removed - 0.11 MB
efreet EFL Freedesktop.org Standards 1 module 0.09 MB
efreetype To be removed - 0.33 MB
eigen2 c++ math library - 0.17 MB
eina EFL Data Types Library - 0.23 MB
eio EFL Input Output Library 1 module 0.04 MB
elementary EFL Widgets Set Library 2 modules 2.41 MB
embryo EFL Bytecode Compiler 1 module 0.07 MB
emotion EFL Audio/Video Codec API 2 modules 0.07 MB
esound Enlightened Sound Daemon 1 module 0.09 MB
ethumb EFL Thumbnailer Library 3 modules 0.06 MB
evas EFL Display Canvas API 3 modules 0.59 MB
evas_generic_loaders EFL Media Loaders for Evas 2 modules 0.03 MB
evieext evieext - 0.01 MB
exo exo (libexo extension library) 2 modules 0.52 MB
expat C library for parsing XML - 0.15 MB
e_dbus EFL Dbus Wrapping Library 1 module 0.13 MB
fcitx-cloudpinyin A Standalone Module for Fcitx Which Can Use PinYin API on the Internet to Input 2 modules 0.02 MB
fftw Fastest Fourier Transform in the West - 0.93 MB
fityk Fityk is a curve fitting and data analysis application, 13 modules 0.38 MB
fix_libsigc++ Fix for libsigc++-2.2.11 package 1 module 0.00 MB
flac flac (Free Lossless Audio Codec) - 0.28 MB
flashplayer-multiarch 32bit flash player - 0.00 MB
fltk C++ cross-platform GUI lib - 1.27 MB
freealut OpenAL Utility Toolkit (ALUT) 1 module 0.04 MB
freeimage An image library. - 3.24 MB
frei0r-plugins Frei0r is a minimalistic plugin API for video sources and filters. 1 module 0.24 MB
fribidi Unicode BiDirectional algorithm library - 0.07 MB
gavl gavl is a library providing basic support for uncompressed Audio, - 2.48 MB
gc A garbage collector for C and C++ - 0.16 MB
GConf GNOME configuration library - 1.06 MB
gd a graphics library - 0.14 MB
gdbm GNU database routines - 0.05 MB
gdk-pixbuf gdk-pixbuf for gtk+-1.0 (legacy) - 0.08 MB
gdk-pixbuf-2 GDK Pixbuf library. 7 modules 0.59 MB
gdl GNOME Docking Library (gtk+-2.0) 1 module 0.19 MB
gdl3 GNOME Docking Library (gtk+-3.0) 2 modules 0.21 MB
gegl With GEGL you chain together image processing operations represented by nodes into a graph. GEGL provides such operations for loading and storing images, adjusting colors, filtering in different ways, transforming and compositing images. 6 modules 0.40 MB
GeoIP GeoIP API and database. 1 module 0.52 MB
giblib imlib wrapper with fonts and lists - 0.03 MB
ginac GiNaC is a C++ library. 2 modules 1.65 MB
glib library of C routines, version 1.x - 0.15 MB
glib-networking2323 Networking-related giomodules for GLib 1 module 0.05 MB
glib2x GLib provides the core application building blocks for libraries and applications written in C. - 2.23 MB
glibc-i18n locale files from glibc - 10.82 MB
glibc-profile GNU C libraries with profiling support - 0.89 MB
glibc-solibs-217 glibc-solibs (shared GNU C libraries) This package contains the shared libraries, binaries, and support files required to run most Linux applications linked with glibc. - 2.89 MB
glibmm official C++ interface for GLib 1 module 0.41 MB
gloox Jabber/XMPP client library - 0.32 MB
glpk454 The GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit) package is intended for solving large-scale linear programming (LP), mixed integer programming (MIP), and other related problems. 1 module 0.73 MB
gmime MIME parsing library - 0.24 MB
gmm C++ generic matrix template library - 0.11 MB
gmtk Library for gnome-mplayer and gecko-mediaplayer 1 module 0.08 MB
gnome-desktop GNOME API collection 8 modules 0.22 MB
gnome-mime-data The GNOME MIME database contains a basic set of applications and MIME types for a GNOME system. - 0.45 MB
gnome-python Python bindings for Gnome. 6 modules 0.02 MB
gnome-vfs GNOME Virtual File System. 4 modules 1.05 MB
gnuchess GPL licensed chess engines and graphical frontends - 0.89 MB
gnutls3125 secure communications library 2 modules 1.23 MB
gnutls317 secure communications library 1 module 1.69 MB
gobject-introspection GObject interface introspection library - 1.12 MB
goffice A glib/gtk set of document centric objects and utilities 1 module 1.34 MB
granite A development library for elementary development 3 modules 0.16 MB
grantlee string template engine - 0.27 MB
graphite2 Reimplementation of the SIL Graphite text processing engine - 0.07 MB
gsettings-desktop-schemas GSettings schemas - 0.13 MB
gsl C and C++ numerical library - 1.52 MB
gst-plugins-ugly GStreamer Ugly Plug-ins - 0.14 MB
gtk+ graphical user interface toolkit 1 module 1.23 MB
gtk+3 Multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. 4 modules 9.29 MB
gtk-doc docmentation tools for gtk - 0.32 MB
gtkglext an OpenGL extension to GTK. - 0.23 MB
gtkmm official C++ interface for GTK+2 5 modules 11.59 MB
gtksourceview gtk+-2.0 library for text editing 1 module 0.64 MB
gtksourceview3 gtk+-3.0 library for text editing 2 modules 0.76 MB
harfbuzz HarfBuzz is an OpenType text shaping engine. 1 module 0.24 MB
hdf5 HDF technologies address the problems of how to organize, store, discover, access, analyze, share, and preserve data 1 module 2.40 MB
herqq UPnP library - 0.36 MB
hunspell spell checker and morphological analyzer library - 0.24 MB
icedtea-web 2 modules 1.20 MB
icu4c International Components for Unicode - 7.85 MB
id3lib library for manipulating ID3v1 & ID3v2 tags - 0.33 MB
ilmbase Industrial Light & Magic base libraries - 0.10 MB
imake C preprocessor interface to the make utility - 0.04 MB
imlib2 graphics library for fast manipulation with files - 0.61 MB
iniparser A free stand-alone INI file parsing library - 0.02 MB
irrlicht 3D engine written in C++ - 1.72 MB
iso-codes ISO-standard lists - 2.56 MB
itstool Translates XML and PO files 2 modules 0.02 MB
jasper free implementation of the JPEG-2000 standard - 0.14 MB
jbig2dec A decoder for the JBIG2 image compression format. - 0.04 MB
js185 SpiderMonkey - Mozilla's JavaScript Engine - 2.04 MB
json-c JSON implementation in C - 0.04 MB
json-glib JSON library built on GLib - 0.09 MB
keybinder keyboard shortcut library - 0.03 MB
keyutils Kernel key management utilities - 0.05 MB
kicad-library kicad-library (library for KiCad EDA Suite) - 16.91 MB
ladspa_sdk The LADSPA_SDK is a software development kit for simple sound plugins. - 0.03 MB
lame educational tool to be used for learning about MP3 encoding - 0.32 MB
lcms2 little cms engine, version 2 - 2.66 MB
leptonica Leptonica is a pedagogically-oriented open source library - 1.21 MB
lesstif a free replacement for OSF/Motif(R) - 1.63 MB
libaio asynchronous I/O library - 0.02 MB
libao Audio Output library 2 modules 0.05 MB
libart_lgpl graphics library - 0.09 MB
libass A portable subtitle renderer for the ASS/SSA subtitle format. 2 modules 0.04 MB
libassuan Interprocess Communication Library for GPG - 0.10 MB
libatomic_ops Provides semi-portable access to hardware - 0.07 MB
libav Libav provides cross-platform tools and libraries to convert, - 11.39 MB
libbamf3 Removes the headache of applications matching - 0.09 MB
libbluedevil Qt wrapper for bluez - 0.07 MB
libbonobo The bonobo library supports independant CORBA interfaces for creating reusable components. It provides GNOME with a framework for handling compound documents, such as embedding a spreadsheet in a word processor document. 4 modules 0.86 MB
libburn A library required to burn data on optical media. - 0.20 MB
libcaca Colour AsCii Art library - 0.68 MB
libcanberra Libcanberra is an implementation of XDG sound theme and name specifications for generating sound on free desktops such as GNOME. 2 modules 0.06 MB
libcap get/set POSIX capabilities - 0.06 MB
libcdio libcdio: libcdio (GNU CD access library) - 0.24 MB
libcgroup library and utilities for kernel control groups - 0.10 MB
libcroco CSS2 parsing and manipulation library - 0.24 MB
libcroco-068 Libcroco is a standalone CSS2 parsing and manipulation library. - 0.20 MB
libdbusmenu A library that passes a menu structure across DBus 1 module 0.07 MB
libdbusmenu-gtk3 Small little library that passes a menu structure across DBus (gtk+3) 2 modules 0.11 MB
libdiscid library to generate DiscIDs from audio CDs - 0.02 MB
libdv The Quasar DV codec (libdv) is a software codec for DV video. - 0.08 MB
libdvdcss simple library designed for accessing DVDs - 0.05 MB
libdvdread library for reading DVDs - 0.07 MB
libedit A command line editor library. - 0.06 MB
libelf ELF object file access library - 0.08 MB
libetpan A mail library. - 0.23 MB
libev A full-featured and high-performance event loop - 0.11 MB
libevent Replacement for the event loop found in event driven network servers. - 0.18 MB
libevent2 libevent (event notification library) - 0.26 MB
libexif Exchangeable Image File Format library - 0.36 MB
libgdiplus An Open Source implementation of the GDI+ API. 1 module 0.22 MB
libgee GObject collection library - 0.07 MB
libgee-080 GObject collection library - 0.13 MB
libglade GLADE library - 0.08 MB
libgnome Libraries needed for GNOME and some GNOME-related applications. 6 modules 1.26 MB
libgnomecanvas The GNOME canvas is an engine for structured graphics that offers a rich imaging model, high performance rendering, and a powerful, high-level API. 2 modules 0.26 MB
libgnomecups libgnomecups is a library for accessing CUPS from GTK/Gnome applications. 1 module 0.06 MB
libgnomeprint The Gnome Printing Library 1 module 0.41 MB
libgnomeprintui libgnomeprintui (The Gnome 2 print UI library) 3 modules 0.31 MB
libgsf structured file I/O library - 0.21 MB
libgtop a library used by gnome-system-monitor and the system monitor applet - 0.16 MB
libgweather library used to access weather information from online services - 12.38 MB
libhangul Hangul keyboard input library - 1.90 MB
libical iCAL protocol implementation - 0.48 MB
libiconv This library provides an iconv() implementation, - 0.95 MB
libid3tag ID3 tag manipulation library - 0.04 MB
libidl IDL library - 0.08 MB
libidn GNU Internationalized Domain Name library - 0.32 MB
libieee1284 parallel port library - 0.08 MB
libiodbc Independent Open DataBase Connectivity - 0.23 MB
libisofs A library to create an ISO-9660 filesystem. 1 module 0.17 MB
libkarma library for accessing the Rio Karma music player - 0.05 MB
libkcddb kde multimedia cddb library - 0.09 MB
libkdcraw library wrapper around dcraw - 0.30 MB
libkdeedu Educational applications - 0.23 MB
libkexiv2 wrapper library for exiv2 library - 0.21 MB
libksba X.509 & CMS library for S/MIME and TLS - 0.12 MB
libktorrent A BitTorrent library based on KDE Platform. - 0.57 MB
libmad high-quality MPEG audio library - 0.07 MB
libmcrypt MCrypt encryption library - 0.08 MB
libmowgli A useful collection of routines for programming - 0.03 MB
libmpeg2 libmpeg2 is a free library for decoding mpeg-2 and mpeg-1 video streams. - 0.05 MB
libmsn implementation of the MSN Messenger service protocol - 0.23 MB
libmtp A library for MTP media devices - 0.16 MB
libmusicbrainz The MusicBrainz Client Library (libmusicbrainz), also known as mb_client, is a development library geared towards developers who wish to add MusicBrainz lookup capabilities to their applications. 1 module 0.11 MB
libnjb A library for Creative Nomad related media devices - 0.23 MB
liboggz Ogg inspect/edit/validate tools and library - 0.20 MB
liboil a library of simple algorithms - 0.15 MB
libpcre Perl Compatible Regular Expression libraries 1 module 0.46 MB
libplist18 Apple Property List format handling library - 0.04 MB
libqtxmlpatterns QtXmlPatterns library from QT toolkit - 0.89 MB
libquicktime Libquicktime is a library for reading and writing QuickTime files on UNIX systems. - 0.23 MB
librsvg SVG library 1 module 0.14 MB
librsvg-2364 librsvg is a library to render SVG files using cairo 6 modules 0.18 MB
libsamplerate Sample rate converter for audio - 1.77 MB
libselinux SELinux runtime shared libraries 2 modules 0.14 MB
libsemanage SELinux policy management library 4 modules 0.11 MB
libsepol SELinux library for manipulating binary security policies - 0.18 MB
libsigc++ typesafe callback system for C++ 2 modules 0.10 MB
libsigsegv Handle page faults in user mode - 0.01 MB
libsndfile C library for reading and writing wav files - 0.31 MB
libsodium libsodium (a library for network communication and cryptography) - 0.23 MB
libssh library implementing ssh protocols - 0.12 MB
libstatgrab A system statistics library - 0.04 MB
libtar libtar is a C library for manipulating POSIX tar files. - 0.03 MB
libtasn1 ASN.1 library - 0.11 MB
libtasn1-4 libtasn1 (ASN.1 library) - 0.10 MB
libtool a generic library support script 1 module 0.51 MB
libtorrent-rasterbar C++ torrent library 2 modules 1.14 MB
libtxc_dxtn texture compression for mesa - 0.01 MB
libunibreak Unicode Generic Linebreaking Library - 0.02 MB
libupnp Portable Open Source UPnP Development Kit - 0.17 MB
libusb-compat Compatibility library for libusb-0.1 apps - 0.03 MB
libwmf WMF graphics format library - 0.71 MB
libwmf-docs extra documentation for libwmf - 0.21 MB
libwnck Window Navigator Construction Kit library - 0.38 MB
libwnck3 The libwnck package contains the Window Navigator Construction Kit. 1 module 0.35 MB
libwpd WordPerfect document format library - 0.53 MB
libwps A Microsoft Works file format import filter based on top of libwpd. 1 module 0.24 MB
libx86emu Small x86 emulation library - 0.04 MB
libxfce4ui libxfce4ui (Xfce widget library) 2 modules 0.15 MB
libxfce4util libxfce4util (basic utility library for Xfce) - 0.09 MB
libxfcegui4 libxfce4gui (Legacy Xfce widget library) 4 modules 0.20 MB
libxklavier XKB Library - 0.07 MB
libxml2-git XML parser and markup toolkit 1 module 1.82 MB
libxslt XML transformation library - 0.51 MB
libxul XULRunner is a Mozilla runtime package that can be used to bootstrap XUL+XPCOM applications that are as rich as Firefox and Thunderbird 11 modules 44.06 MB
libyaml YAML parser, written in C - 0.11 MB
libzeitgeist Zeitgeist Client Library 1 module 0.13 MB
libzip A library to read, create, and modify Zip archives - 0.09 MB
linux-pam pluggable authentication modules 17 modules 0.32 MB
log4c A library of C for flexible logging to files - 0.06 MB
maxima Maxima is a computer algebra system based on a 1982 version of Macsyma. 7 modules 23.25 MB
media-player-info media player capability data - 0.03 MB
mesa-multiarch 32bit OpenGL libraries - 0.00 MB
mhash Thread-safe hash library - 0.16 MB
mlt MLT is an open source multimedia framework, designed and developed for television broadcasting. 5 modules 0.27 MB
mm Shared Memory Allocation library - 0.04 MB
mp4v2 mp4 API library - 0.54 MB
mpc102 Gnu Mpc is a C library for the arithmetic of complex numbers with arbitrarily high precision and correct rounding of the result. 2 modules 0.09 MB
mpfr312 The MPFR library is a C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations with correct rounding. 1 module 0.37 MB
mplayer-codecs binary codec packages add support for codecs that are not yet implemented natively, like newer RealVideo variants and a lot of uncommon formats. - 20.10 MB
multiarch-libs Multiarch 32bit libraries - 0.00 MB
mxml a small XML parsing library - 0.04 MB
neon HTTP and WebDAV client library - 0.20 MB
netpbm graphics conversion utilities - 1.62 MB
nettle Nettle (small cryptographic library) - 0.20 MB
nettle271 Nettle (small cryptographic library) - 1.81 MB
nettle311 Nettle (small cryptographic library) - 0.34 MB
nlopt NLopt is a free/open-source library for nonlinear optimization, 5 modules 0.35 MB
notify-python Python bindings for libnotify - 0.02 MB
numpy NumPy is an array-processing package designed to efficiently manipulate large multi-dimensional arrays of arbitrary records. 1 module 2.21 MB
ocsync Owncloud version of csync 4 modules 0.12 MB
openal-soft provides capabilities for playing audio in a virtual 3D environment - 0.17 MB
opencore-amr OpenCORE Adaptive Multi Rate (AMR) speech codec library implementation. - 0.11 MB
openjdk6 openjdk6 is the Java Development Kit (JDK) as built from sources with the newest 'icedtea' tools for Java Platform Version 1.6.0_27. - 32.63 MB
openjdk7 openjdk7 is the Java Development Kit (JDK) as built from sources with the newest 'icedtea' tools for Java Platform Version 1.7.0_17. - 48.93 MB
openjpeg An open-source JPEG 2000 codec. - 0.29 MB
ORBit2 A CORBA ORB library. 1 module 0.34 MB
orc Orc libraries and tools - 0.13 MB
p7zip port of 7zip - 1.22 MB
pangomm The Pangomm package provides a C++ interface to Pango. 3 modules 0.09 MB
pari PARI/GP is a widely used computer algebra system 1 module 2.20 MB
pcre Perl-compatible regular expression library - 0.47 MB
perl-archive-zip A perl module for manipulating zip files. 1 module 0.05 MB
phonon-mplayer mplayer backend for phonon - 0.08 MB
physfs library for abstract access to archives - 0.26 MB
pidgin-lwqq pidgin plugin for webqq protocol 2 modules 0.42 MB
PIL The Python Imaging Library (PIL) adds image processing capabilities to your Python interpreter. 1 module 0.32 MB
poppler-data data files used by poppler - 1.82 MB
portmidi Platform independent library for real-time MIDI input/output. - 0.03 MB
prelink prelink is a free program written by Jakub JelĂ­nek of Red Hat for - 0.44 MB
pspp GNU PSPP is a program for statistical analysis of sampled data. 5 modules 2.08 MB
pycairo Python bindings for the cairo graphics library - 0.04 MB
pycups Python bindings for the CUPS API 1 module 0.05 MB
pycurl Python interface to cURL library 1 module 0.05 MB
pyFltk Python wrapper for the Fast Light Tool Kit 2 modules 1.28 MB
pygame Pygame is a set of Python modules designed for writing games. 3 modules 1.66 MB
pygobject GObject bindings for Python - 0.40 MB
pygobject3 GObject bindings for Python 4 modules 0.31 MB
pygtk GTK+ bindings for Python 1 module 1.72 MB
pygtk-gimp PyGTK lets you easily create applications with a graphical user interface using the Python programming language. This module is required for gimp package to compile properly. 3 modules 0.21 MB
pymysql Python module for mySQL functions. 2 modules 0.08 MB
pyorbit PyORBit is a binding for the ORBit2 CORBA ORB. 4 modules 0.03 MB
pypi-isodate An ISO 8601 time parser - 0.04 MB
pypi-pygments a syntax highlighting package written in Python - 0.70 MB
pypi-rdflib Library for working with RDF 2 modules 0.18 MB
pyqt Python bindings for Qt 3 modules 2.01 MB
pyrex A Python extension modules language - 0.25 MB
pyserial Python module for serial port communication. 1 module 0.08 MB
qca Qt Cryptographic Architecture - 0.49 MB
qjson A qt-based JSON library - 0.05 MB
qoauth Qt-based C++ library for OAuth 1 module 0.02 MB
qtscriptgenerator Qt API Bindings for QtScript - 3.18 MB
qtwebkit-23 QtWebKit 2.3 is a port of QtWebKit(An open source web browser engine) from Qt 5 to Qt 4.8 - 6.51 MB
quesoglc implementation of the OpenGL Character Renderer (GLC) - 0.08 MB
raptor2-208 parsers in C - 0.38 MB
readline line input library with editing features - 0.30 MB
rlog rlog library for encfs - 0.23 MB
sane-backends SANE stands for Scanner Access Now Easy 2 modules 2.40 MB
scrollkeeper cataloging system for document - 0.20 MB
sdl Simple DirectMedia Layer library - 0.63 MB
sdl_gfx SDL graphics drawing primitives and other support functions - 0.04 MB
sfml A fast and simple meda library 2 modules 0.24 MB
shared-desktop-ontologies Shared OSCAF desktop ontologies - 0.10 MB
sip SIP (a tool for generating Python bindings) 1 module 0.16 MB
slang S-Lang interpreter version 2 - 0.37 MB
slang1 S-Lang interpreter version 1 - 0.16 MB
soprano A library providing Qt interface to RDF storage solutions - 0.45 MB
sound-theme-freedesktop freedesktop.org sound theme - 0.38 MB
speex Speex is an open Source voice codec - 0.53 MB
sqlite2 a small C library - 0.13 MB
sqlite3 SQLite is an in-process library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. 1 module 0.66 MB
svgalib A low level graphics library for Linux - 0.56 MB
swig302 SWIG version 3.0.2 2 modules 0.75 MB
t1lib Type 1 font rasterizer library - 0.48 MB
tcl-tdom XML DOM Library for TCL 1 module 0.20 MB
tesseract-ocr Tesseract is an Open Source OCR engine, available under the Apache 2.0 license. 2 modules 2.25 MB
tix an extension to the Tk toolkit - 0.51 MB
tk Tk toolkit for Tcl 1 module 1.60 MB
trousers TrouSerS is an CPL (Common Public License) licensed Trusted Computing Software Stack. - 0.28 MB
twolame TwoLAME is an optimized MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2) encoder. - 0.04 MB
unique Unique - library for writing single instance application - 0.04 MB
unixODBC ODBC for Unix platforms. - 0.19 MB
ustr ustr (Micro string library) is a string API for C - 0.30 MB
vte terminal emulator widget - 0.36 MB
vte-290 terminal emulator widget - 0.54 MB
wv Library to work with Microsoft Word files 1 module 0.25 MB
wxGTK wxGTK is part of wxWidgets, a cross-platform API for writing GUI - 2.79 MB
wxGTK-extras wxGTK with extras from contrib subfolder - 3.88 MB
wxPython wxPython is a GUI toolkit for the Python programming language. 1 module 14.67 MB
wxWidgets codebase for multiplatform applications - 2.79 MB
wxWidgets3 codebase for multiplatform applications - 5.30 MB
x264 x264 is a free library for encoding H264/AVC video streams. - 0.52 MB
xapian-core Open source search engine - 3.02 MB
xerces-c xerces-c (XML Parser) - 0.00 MB
xfce4-dev-tools Xfce development tools - 0.04 MB
xine-lib xine multimedia playback engine libraries - 3.46 MB
xmlrpc-c xmlrpc-c (modular implementation of XML-RPC for C and C++) 1 module 0.49 MB
xtrans X network transport library - 0.07 MB
xvidcore Xvid is an ISO MPEG-4 compliant video codec. - 0.29 MB
xylib xylib is a portable library for reading files that contain x-y data 1 module 0.09 MB
yacas YACAS is an easy to use Computer Algebra System. 1 module 0.74 MB
zziplib offers the ability to easily extract data from files archived in a single zip file - 0.05 MB