Warning, prebuilt modules can be used only with old Slax versions (7.x)
Module Download Description Requires Size
adblockplus Adblock Plus blocks annoying ads on the web. - 0.59 MB
aircrack A set of tools for auditing wireless networks - 0.97 MB
aircrack-unstable This version includes experimental programs. - 1.32 MB
alipay Alipay Security Control plugin for Firefox - 0.07 MB
alpine Alternatively Licensed Program for Internet News and Email - 2.89 MB
APC The Alternative PHP Cache (APC) is a free and open opcode cache 1 module 0.05 MB
aria2 aria2 is a lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source command-line download utility. - 0.74 MB
autofs kernel-based automounter - 0.31 MB
axel A lightweight download accelerator. - 0.02 MB
banet-bitcoin-vault BA.net Bitcoin Vault and Wallet - 2.98 MB
biff+comsat mail arrival notification daemon - 0.01 MB
bind DNS server and utilities - 1.88 MB
bluez Bluetooth libraries and utilities - 0.76 MB
bluez-hcidump Bluetooth analyzer - 0.10 MB
bluhell-firewall Get a faster browsing experience by blocking nasty web resources? using Bluhell Firewall, the lightweight Ad-Blocker and Tracking/Privacy Protector. - 0.06 MB
bombard Bombard is a siege wrapper that stair steps increasing amounts of load and charts the results 1 module 0.00 MB
bootp bootp server - 0.05 MB
bzr Bazaar (distributed version control system) 1 module 4.94 MB
choqok A Twitter/identi.ca/laconica client for KDE 3 modules 1.11 MB
chrome Google Chrome web browser 1 module 49.21 MB
claws-mail An email client and news reader. 1 module 2.33 MB
CloudConnector A GUI for the Cloud-Services who use webdav als protocol. 2 modules 0.11 MB
curl command line URL data transfer tool - 0.81 MB
curlftpfs A filesystem for acessing ftp hosts based on FUSE and libcurl. 1 module 0.02 MB
daemontools daemontools can be replacement for inittab, init.d od rc.local - 0.09 MB
dhcp DHCP server and client utilities - 2.10 MB
dick Dick is a network/portscanner designed to be highly configurable and easy to use. - 0.01 MB
dillo Lightweight web browser 1 module 0.71 MB
djvulibre web-centric document and image format - 0.86 MB
dnsmasq small DNS and DHCP server - 0.21 MB
dplus graphical web browser 1 module 0.43 MB
dropbox dropbox client - 16.19 MB
dropboxnew dropbox client - 6.06 MB
dukto A simple, fast and multi-platform file transfer tool for LAN users - 0.19 MB
electrum Electrum bitcoin client 2 modules 0.41 MB
elm text-based email client - 0.21 MB
fetchmail mail retrieval and forwarding utility - 0.64 MB
firefox Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - 39.53 MB
flugsftp A small Qt based FTP server 1 module 0.10 MB
fwbuilder Firewall Builder consists of an object-oriented GUI and a set of policy compilers for various firewall platforms. In Firewall Builder, firewall policy is a set of rules, each rule consists of abstract objects which represent real network objects and services (hosts, routers, firewalls, networks, protocols). Firewall Builder helps the user maintain a database of objects and allows policy editing using simple drag-and-drop operations. 2 modules 9.68 MB
gadmin-samba GTK+ frontend for samba 2 modules 0.07 MB
gadmin-squid GTK+ frontend for the Squid proxy 1 module 0.06 MB
GeoIP GeoIP API and database. 1 module 0.52 MB
getmail POP3 mail retriever - 0.15 MB
gftp FTP client for X - 0.68 MB
glib-networking2323 Networking-related giomodules for GLib 1 module 0.05 MB
htdig web indexing and searching system - 0.88 MB
httpd The Apache HTTP Server 2 modules 2.46 MB
httpfs A remote FUSE filesystem via server-side script. 2 modules 0.01 MB
httrack An easy-to-use offline browser utility - 0.96 MB
httraqt Qt based GUI of httrack library 1 module 0.88 MB
icedtea-web 2 modules 1.20 MB
ii+ssl Suckless FIFO + Filesystem irc utility with ssl support - 0.01 MB
imapd IMAP4rev1 from alpine - 0.71 MB
inetd Internet super-server - 0.02 MB
irssi Internet Relay Chat client 1 module 0.51 MB
kaccessible Accessibility bridge - 0.04 MB
kfilebox Unofficial Dropbox client developed in QT. 1 module 0.08 MB
kismet wireless network detector and sniffer - 7.62 MB
knemo KNemo is a tool that monitors the network traffic. - 0.63 MB
ktorrent A powerful BitTorrent client for KDE. 2 modules 2.46 MB
kvpnc A KDE frontend for various vpn clients. - 1.38 MB
lftp command line file transfer program - 0.75 MB
libevent Replacement for the event loop found in event driven network servers. - 0.18 MB
libevent2 libevent (event notification library) - 0.26 MB
libsodium libsodium (a library for network communication and cryptography) - 0.23 MB
libtasn1-4 libtasn1 (ASN.1 library) - 0.10 MB
libxul XULRunner is a Mozilla runtime package that can be used to bootstrap XUL+XPCOM applications that are as rich as Firefox and Thunderbird 11 modules 44.06 MB
lighttpd-owncloud Lighttpd webserver with integrated owncloud 2 modules 8.60 MB
links WWW browser for the console - 1.71 MB
lynx Lynx (text mode browser) - 1.57 MB
macchanger Change the MAC address of a network interface - 0.14 MB
mailx a simple mail client - 0.20 MB
metamail MIME extensions for mail - 0.11 MB
mod-wsgi Python WSGI adapter module for Apache. 4 modules 0.04 MB
ncftp ftp client - 0.32 MB
netcat The networking swiss army knife. Netcat is a computer networking service for reading from and writing to network connections using TCP or UDP. - 0.02 MB
netcat-openbsd TCP/IP swiss army knife. OpenBSD variant. - 0.08 MB
netdate simple network time utility - 0.01 MB
netkit-bootparamd boot parameter server - 0.01 MB
netkit-routed dynamic network routing daemon - 0.02 MB
netkit-rsh the BSD rsh/rcp/rlogin clients and daemon - 0.04 MB
netkit-rusers show users logged in to machines on local network - 0.02 MB
netkit-rwall send a message to all users - 0.01 MB
netkit-rwho who is logged in on local machines - 0.02 MB
netkit-timed time server daemon - 0.03 MB
netpipes BSD program to manipulate TCP/IP stream socket - 0.07 MB
NetworkManager-openvpn OpenVPN plugin for NetworkManager - 0.22 MB
NetworkManager-pptp PPTP plugin for NetworkManager - 0.17 MB
NetworkManager-vpnc VPNC plugin for NetworkManager - 0.17 MB
netwrite in.writed daemon for accepting network "write" - 0.01 MB
newspost binary posting utility - 0.04 MB
nfs-utils Network File System daemons and utilities 1 module 0.19 MB
nginx HTTP and reverse proxy server 2 modules 0.18 MB
nmap network scanner - 4.09 MB
nn the NN newsreader - 0.27 MB
nx Nomachine NX 4 modules 2.07 MB
nxclient A client for the NX protocol. - 3.04 MB
ocsync Owncloud version of csync 4 modules 0.12 MB
openconnect OpenConnect is a client for Cisco's AnyConnect SSL VPN, 2 modules 0.14 MB
openldap-client OpenLDAP client programs - 0.44 MB
openssh-bundle OpenSSH is a FREE version of the SSH - 2.57 MB
opera Fast and secure web browser and Internet suite - 13.54 MB
owncloud-client A desktop syncing client for OwnCloud. 3 modules 0.58 MB
p11-kit PKCS#11 toolkit - 0.07 MB
pidentd TCP/IP IDENT protocol server - 0.04 MB
pidgin-lwqq pidgin plugin for webqq protocol 2 modules 0.42 MB
pinentry PIN Entry dialogs - 0.11 MB
polkit-kde-agent-1 KDE polkit authenticator - 0.03 MB
polkit-kde-kcmodules-1 KDE polkit kcmodules - 0.07 MB
popa3d a POP3 daemon - 0.02 MB
portmap a daemon to manage RPC connections - 0.03 MB
pptpd PoPToP Point to Point Tunneling Server - 0.04 MB
printer-applet printer applet - 0.04 MB
privoxy A web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities. - 0.45 MB
procmail mail processing and local delivery program - 0.12 MB
proftpd FTP server daemon - 0.88 MB
proxychains-ng A preloader which hooks calls to sockets in dynamically linked programs and redirects it through one or more socks/http proxies. - 0.02 MB
pth GNU Portable Threads - 0.09 MB
putty Telnet/SSH client for X - 0.98 MB
qbittorrent The qBittorrent project aims to provide a Free Software 1 module 2.23 MB
QQ-TM2009 QQ是腾讯公司开发的一款即时通信软件。因为没有开放通讯协议,加上qq for linux已经不能使用,所以linux下只能在wine中使用或者使用web版代替。 1 module 66.76 MB
qtqq A Qt Client of QQ (A Popular IM in China), using WebQQ 3.0 protocol. 1 module 1.97 MB
qtransmission Qt BitTorrent client 1 module 1.42 MB
qtwebkit-23 QtWebKit 2.3 is a port of QtWebKit(An open source web browser engine) from Qt 5 to Qt 4.8 - 6.51 MB
quassel QT4 IRC client with a separated core. 1 module 3.41 MB
qupzilla A Modern Web Browser Based on WebKit Core and Qt Framework - 2.47 MB
qupzilla-next A Modern Web Browser Based on QtWebKit 2.3. 1 module 2.64 MB
rekonq A Web Browser for KDE based on WebKit 2 modules 0.84 MB
retroshare P2P encrypted im with filesharing, chat, email. 4 modules 7.06 MB
rrdtool Rrdtool - for creatting graphs with Round Robin database - 0.75 MB
rtorrent - 0.36 MB
samba CIFS file and print server - 30.92 MB
siege Siege is an http load testing and benchmarking utility. - 0.04 MB
skype proprietary Voice over IP application 1 module 12.77 MB
skype-4-3 proprietary Voice over IP application 1 module 12.77 MB
skype-4_3_0_37 proprietary Voice over IP application 1 module 15.76 MB
slrn s-lang read news - 0.46 MB
snownews a console RSS newsreader - 0.11 MB
squid Web Cache and Proxy - 1.27 MB
sshfs A filesystem client based on the SSH File TransfeProtocol - 0.05 MB
stunnel Universal SSL tunnel - 0.13 MB
Teamviewer Remote support solution free for personal use - 13.21 MB
TeamviewerNew Remote support solution free for personal use - 15.49 MB
TeamviewerNewTen Remote support solution free for personal use - 0.00 MB
tftp-hpa Trivial File Transfer Protocol - 0.05 MB
tin the Tin newsreader - 0.50 MB
tinc Tinc is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon that uses tunneling and encryption to create a secure private network between hosts on the Internet. - 0.07 MB
tinyftp Tiny ftp server is a small ftp server, which is focused on performance and ease of use. - 0.01 MB
tor-dk TOR (The second-generation onion router) v0.2.6.9 1 module 1.25 MB
tor02124-dk TOR (The second-generation onion router) v0.2.1.24 1 module 1.00 MB
trn a threaded newsreader - 0.14 MB
ublock A fast, potent, and lean blocker. Easy on CPU and memory. - 2.84 MB
ublock-origin Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory. - 1.05 MB
udpcast send and receive files via UDP - 0.04 MB
uucp Taylor UUCP - 0.39 MB
vpnc vpnc - client for cisco vpn concentrator - 0.06 MB
vsftpd Very Secure FTP Daemon - 0.12 MB
w3m Text-based web browser, as well as pager. 2 modules 0.61 MB
wdfs A webdav filesystem 1 module 0.02 MB
wicd-kde Wicd client for KDE - 0.11 MB
wireshark packet sniffer and protocol analyzer - 8.97 MB
wt webtoolkit webserver in C++ 3 modules 2.96 MB
x2goclient The x2goclient application is the client part of X2Go. 3 modules 0.76 MB
youtube-dl Command line youtube video downloader. 1 module 0.31 MB
youtube-dl-2016 Command line youtube video downloader. 1 module 1.18 MB
yptools NIS servers and clients - 0.17 MB
ytalk multi-user chat program - 0.04 MB