Warning: This part of Slax website is deprecated.
Modules downloadable from this website were made for old Slax versions (7.x) and they may not work on current Slax 9.x.
For Slax 9, use 'apt' to install software, there is no need for dedicated module repository anymore.
Module Download Description Requires Size
aircrack A set of tools for auditing wireless networks - 0.97 MB
aircrack-unstable This version includes experimental programs. - 1.32 MB
alipay Alipay Security Control plugin for Firefox - 0.07 MB
autologin Automaticly login with root and no password only in tty - 0.00 MB
banet-bitcoin-vault BA.net Bitcoin Vault and Wallet - 2.98 MB
bitdefender-av BitDefender Antivirus Scanner - 39.00 MB
bully A wifi-protected-setup (WPS) brute force attack tool - 0.04 MB
chntpw Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor - 0.05 MB
clamav antivirus engine designed for detecting Trojans, viruses - 2.30 MB
crunch Crunch is a wordlist generator where you can specify a character set - 0.02 MB
dhcping Tool to fake and diagnose DHCP requests - 0.01 MB
electrum Electrum bitcoin client 2 modules 0.41 MB
encfs encfs encrypted filesystem 2 modules 0.24 MB
gnupg-bundle The GnuPG package is GNU's tool for secure - 2.37 MB
gnutls3125 secure communications library 2 modules 1.23 MB
gnutls317 secure communications library 1 module 1.69 MB
keepassx KeePassX is a port of the popular KeePass Password Safe, a free open source password manager, which helps you manage your passwords in a secure way. - 0.62 MB
kismet wireless network detector and sniffer - 7.62 MB
kwallet KDE wallet manager - 0.32 MB
libassuan Interprocess Communication Library for GPG - 0.10 MB
libksba X.509 & CMS library for S/MIME and TLS - 0.12 MB
libmcrypt MCrypt encryption library - 0.08 MB
libselinux SELinux runtime shared libraries 2 modules 0.14 MB
libsemanage SELinux policy management library 4 modules 0.11 MB
libsepol SELinux library for manipulating binary security policies - 0.18 MB
nettle311 Nettle (small cryptographic library) - 0.34 MB
openssh-bundle OpenSSH is a FREE version of the SSH - 2.57 MB
ophcrack Ophcrack is a free Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables. - 0.14 MB
reaver Brute force attack against Wifi Protected Setup - 0.14 MB
rkhunter scanning tool - 0.18 MB
sudo give limited root privileges to certain users - 0.36 MB
testdisk A forensic tool to analyze disks. You are able to repair and recover partitions or only find files on a data store. - 0.63 MB
tor-dk TOR (The second-generation onion router) v0.2.6.9 1 module 1.25 MB
tor02124-dk TOR (The second-generation onion router) v0.2.1.24 1 module 1.00 MB
trousers TrouSerS is an CPL (Common Public License) licensed Trusted Computing Software Stack. - 0.28 MB
truecrypt Cross-platform on-the-fly disk encryption software - 1.95 MB
wireshark packet sniffer and protocol analyzer - 8.97 MB
x11-ssh-askpass an X11-based passphrase dialog - 0.02 MB