Warning: This part of Slax website is deprecated.
Modules downloadable from this website were made for old Slax versions (7.x) and they may not work on current Slax 9.x.
For Slax 9, use 'apt' to install software, there is no need for dedicated module repository anymore.
Module Download Description Requires Size
2bwm 2bwm 2 Bordered Window Manager - 0.05 MB
9base Plan 9 from User Space port for Unixlike systems - 11.91 MB
9mount Plan-9 VFS mounting tool - 0.01 MB
a2ps any to PostScript filter 1 module 0.76 MB
acct process accounting utilities - 0.09 MB
apache-ant Java library and command-line tool to drive processes from build files - 2.22 MB
aria2 aria2 is a lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source command-line download utility. - 0.74 MB
ash Kenneth Almquist's ash shell - 0.07 MB
aspell spell checker - 0.57 MB
at delayed command execution - 0.04 MB
autofs kernel-based automounter - 0.31 MB
autogen autogen (configure generator) - 0.58 MB
axel A lightweight download accelerator. - 0.02 MB
banet-bitcoin-vault BA.net Bitcoin Vault and Wallet - 2.98 MB
cdrdao audio CD burning utility 2 modules 0.30 MB
cdrtools cdrtools (CD-R, ISO and related tools) - 1.53 MB
chessx ChessX is a modern graphical chess frontend based on Qt4. - 2.56 MB
chntpw Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor - 0.05 MB
CloudConnector A GUI for the Cloud-Services who use webdav als protocol. 2 modules 0.11 MB
CMatrix Console Matrix Application - 0.01 MB
conky system-monitoring widget - 0.10 MB
ConvertAll you can combine the units any way you want. 2 modules 0.07 MB
cryptkeeper GUI for encfs, encrypted filesystem 2 modules 0.03 MB
ctags Generates an index file of language objects found in source files - 0.08 MB
curlftpfs A filesystem for acessing ftp hosts based on FUSE and libcurl. 1 module 0.02 MB
dar Disk ARchiver - 0.67 MB
dar2417 Disk ARchiver - 1.19 MB
desktop-file-utils Utilities for manipulating desktop files - 0.05 MB
dhcping Tool to fake and diagnose DHCP requests - 0.01 MB
diffstat produces statistics from diff output - 0.02 MB
djvulibre web-centric document and image format - 0.86 MB
dropbox-bundle A free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. - 20.75 MB
dtach Tiny tool to detach terminal sessions and allow you to reattach later - 0.01 MB
electrum Electrum bitcoin client 2 modules 0.41 MB
enca file encoding detector - 0.09 MB
encfs encfs encrypted filesystem 2 modules 0.24 MB
enchant A wrapper for spellcheck libraries like aspell. - 0.10 MB
enscript converts text files to PostScript and other formats - 0.35 MB
exfat free FAT read/write fs implementation - 0.04 MB
expect Expect is a tool for automating interactive applications such as telnet, ftp, passwd, fsck, rlogin, tip, etc. 1 module 0.14 MB
ExtUtils-MakeMaker Makefile generator 1 module 0.17 MB
fcitx A Flexible Input Method Framework with Extension Support 2 modules 7.50 MB
fcitx-cloudpinyin A Standalone Module for Fcitx Which Can Use PinYin API on the Internet to Input 2 modules 0.02 MB
fcitx-sogoupinyin Fcitx Wrapper for Sogou Pinyin 1 module 14.82 MB
fcitx-unikey Fcitx Wrapper for Unikey (Vietnamese). 1 module 0.07 MB
feh Image Viewer using IMlib for X11 2 modules 0.15 MB
figlet FIGlet is an ASCII art program for making large letters out of ordinary text. - 0.09 MB
flugsftp A small Qt based FTP server 1 module 0.10 MB
fluxbox Fluxbox window manager 1 module 0.70 MB
flwm lightweight X window manager 1 module 0.20 MB
foomatic-filters Universal print filter/RIP wrapper - 0.07 MB
freealut OpenAL Utility Toolkit (ALUT) 1 module 0.04 MB
geeqie Geeqie image viewer - 0.79 MB
GeoIP GeoIP API and database. 1 module 0.52 MB
gftp FTP client for X - 0.68 MB
ghostscript GPL Ghostscript - 10.81 MB
ghostscript-fonts-std fonts for the Ghostscript interpreter - 3.41 MB
gkrellm GNU Krell Monitors - 0.52 MB
gnome-doc-utils collection of doc utilities for the Gnome 3 modules 0.08 MB
gqview image viewer using GTK+ - 0.38 MB
gtkhotkey hotkey handling for Gtk+ applications - 0.06 MB
gv PS/PDF file viewer - 0.19 MB
hfsutils hfsutils is a collection of tools for reading and writing Macintosh 2 modules 0.15 MB
httrack An easy-to-use offline browser utility - 0.96 MB
httraqt Qt based GUI of httrack library 1 module 0.88 MB
hunspell spell checker and morphological analyzer library - 0.24 MB
icon-naming-utils generate icon files for your DE - 0.02 MB
idle3-tools Provides a utility that can disable,get and set the value of the idle3 timer found on recent WDC Hard Drives - 0.01 MB
isomaster graphical CD image creator and editor - 0.15 MB
ispell spelling checker - 0.31 MB
jq Like SED for JSON CLI - 0.07 MB
k3b The CD/DVD Kreator for Linux - optimized for KDE 18 modules 10.54 MB
kchmviewer chm file viewer\n MS Windows .chm file viewer\nThis build uses Qt4 1 module 1.52 MB
kcm-fcitx KDE Config Module for Fcitx 1 module 0.10 MB
kde-service-menu-fuseiso ISO mount/unmount service menu for dolphin, using fuseiso. (fuseiso included) - 0.02 MB
kdepartitionmanager KDE Partition Manager is a utility program to help you manage the disk - 0.37 MB
kdetoys Toys for the KDE Software Compilation - 0.39 MB
kfloppy floppy disk formatter - 0.07 MB
kmousetool Automatic mouse clicks - 0.05 MB
kmouth Speech synthesis frontend - 0.36 MB
knemo KNemo is a tool that monitors the network traffic. - 0.63 MB
kruler a screen ruler for KDE - 0.12 MB
krusader advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager for KDE - 2.56 MB
ksh93 ksh (AT&T Korn Shell 93) - 0.72 MB
kshutdown graphical shutdown utility for KDE - 0.14 MB
ktimer program scheduler - 0.16 MB
ktorrent A powerful BitTorrent client for KDE. 2 modules 2.46 MB
libiconv This library provides an iconv() implementation, - 0.95 MB
link-grammar A a syntactic language parser. 1 module 1.51 MB
linuxdoc-tools utilities for working with DocBook and SGML - 6.27 MB
ltrace ltrace tracks runtime library calls in dynamically linked programs. 1 module 0.07 MB
lxc Linux Containers - 0.13 MB
lzip Lzip is a lossless data compressor with a user interface similar to the one of gzip or bzip2. - 0.05 MB
macchanger Change the MAC address of a network interface - 0.14 MB
mp3gain auto-adjusts mp3 files to the same volume level - 0.04 MB
MUIbase Relational programmable database with GUI - 0.79 MB
mysql SQL-based relational database server 1 module 20.02 MB
ncdu A disk usage analyzer with an ncurses interface. - 0.03 MB
netcat The networking swiss army knife. Netcat is a computer networking service for reading from and writing to network connections using TCP or UDP. - 0.02 MB
nspluginwrapper proxy plug-in for NPAPI browser plug-ins - 0.05 MB
numactl Simple NUMA policy support - 0.07 MB
openjdk6 openjdk6 is the Java Development Kit (JDK) as built from sources with the newest 'icedtea' tools for Java Platform Version 1.6.0_27. - 32.63 MB
openjdk7 openjdk7 is the Java Development Kit (JDK) as built from sources with the newest 'icedtea' tools for Java Platform Version 1.7.0_17. - 48.93 MB
owncloud-client A desktop syncing client for OwnCloud. 3 modules 0.58 MB
p7zip port of 7zip - 1.22 MB
parallel Parallel job control tool 1 module 0.66 MB
patchelf A utility to modify the dynamic linker and RPATH of ELF executables - 0.03 MB
pax Pax is the POSIX standard archive tool. - 0.00 MB
pgadmin3 PostgreSQL administrative tool 4 modules 2.98 MB
postgresql object-relational database system - 3.81 MB
proxychains-ng A preloader which hooks calls to sockets in dynamically linked programs and redirects it through one or more socks/http proxies. - 0.02 MB
pydoit doit - automation tool - 0.07 MB
python-beautifulsoup Python HTML/XML parser 1 module 0.05 MB
qt5-declarative Qt5 - (QtQml and QtQuick components) 4 modules 2.04 MB
qt5-graphicaleffects Qt5 - (graphicaleffects components) 3 modules 0.03 MB
qt5-jsbackend Qt5 - (Qt V8 components) 2 modules 1.20 MB
qt5-multimedia Qt5 - (multimedia components) 2 modules 0.42 MB
qt5-script Qt5 - (QtScript component) 3 modules 0.82 MB
qt5-sensors Qt5 - (QtSensors component) 4 modules 0.13 MB
qt5-tools Qt5 - tools (assistant, designer, linguist, dbus) 3 modules 1.64 MB
qt5-webkit Qt5 - (webkit component) 12 modules 7.63 MB
qt5-x11extras Qt5 - (QtX11Extras components) 2 modules 0.01 MB
qt5-xmlpatterns Qt5 - (QtXmlPatterns component 2 modules 1.10 MB
qtransmission Qt BitTorrent client 1 module 1.42 MB
redshift Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings. \n redshift adjusts the colour temperature according to the position of the sun. A different colour temperature is set during night and daytime. During twilight and early morning the colour temperature transitions smoothly from night to daytime temperature to allow your eyes to slowly adapt. At night the colour temperature should be set to match the lamps in your room. This may help your eyes hurt less if you are working in front of the screen at night. This program is inspired by f.lux. - 0.05 MB
rlwrap Wrap interactive CLI tools with libreadline. 1 module 0.05 MB
rpm2cpio RPM package tool for conversion to cpio. 1 module 0.18 MB
rpm2tgz RPM archive into a tar+gz convertor 1 module 0.01 MB
rt-tests A collection of tools (e.g. cyclictest) for testing the -rt patched kernel - 0.07 MB
rxvt terminal emulator - 0.15 MB
sc spreadsheet calculator - 0.17 MB
seejpeg console JPEG viewer - 0.05 MB
seyon telecommunications package - 0.10 MB
sip SIP (a tool for generating Python bindings) 1 module 0.16 MB
slapt-get Slackware's APT-GET-like package manager. 2 modules 0.39 MB
slock Command line (scriptable) control over the window manager. - 0.00 MB
sogoupinyin Sogou pinyin for linux. 2 modules 16.76 MB
sox SoX is the Swiss Army knife of sound processing progams. - 0.48 MB
sshfs A filesystem client based on the SSH File TransfeProtocol - 0.05 MB
synergy-foss sharing keyboard between multiple computers - 1.01 MB
tabbed Suckless Tools tabbing superwidget - 0.01 MB
testdisk A forensic tool to analyze disks. You are able to repair and recover partitions or only find files on a data store. - 0.63 MB
texinfo GNU software documentation system - 0.72 MB
tin the Tin newsreader - 0.50 MB
tofrodos Text file conversion utility for ASCII files. - 0.01 MB
transfig transform .fig files - 0.17 MB
trash-on-desktop trash desktop icon - 0.00 MB
truecrypt Cross-platform on-the-fly disk encryption software - 1.95 MB
uboot-mkimage U-Boot Mkimage Utility - 0.03 MB
udpcast send and receive files via UDP - 0.04 MB
upx A free, portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several executable formats - 0.29 MB
vorbisgain corrects Ogg Vorbis file to predefined loudness - 0.02 MB
wbar minimalist fast and light launcher 2 modules 0.06 MB
wdfs A webdav filesystem 1 module 0.02 MB
wimlib wimlib is a C library to read, write, and mount archive files in the Windows Imaging Format (WIM files). These files are normally created using the ImageX (imagex.exe) utility on Windows, but this library provides a free implementation of ImageX for UNIX-based systems (and, since v1.3.0, for Windows systems) and an API to allow other programs to read, write, and mount WIM files. wimlib is comparable to Microsoft's WIMGAPI, but was designed independently and is not a clone of it - 0.20 MB
windowmaker a fast and elegant window manager - 1.58 MB
wine Wine enables Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, and Solaris users to run - 82.13 MB
wingo A fully-featured window manager written in Go 1 module 16.72 MB
wipe securely erasing files from magnetic media. - 0.02 MB
wiznote Cross-platform cloud based note-taking client - 4.42 MB
wmctrl Command line (scriptable) control over the window manager. - 0.02 MB
x11-ssh-askpass an X11-based passphrase dialog - 0.02 MB
x3270 IBM host access tool for X - 0.66 MB
xaos an interactive fractal zoomer - 0.48 MB
xautomation Tools for scripting the XTest extension - 0.03 MB
xbiff mailbox watching widget - 0.02 MB
xchm chm file viewer\n MS Windows .chm file viewer 2 modules 0.22 MB
xdotool Control the X Pointer from Keyboard. Death to the rodent! - 0.04 MB
xfractint fractal generation program - 0.74 MB
xmms X Multimedia System 3 modules 1.16 MB
xpaint simple X paint program - 0.38 MB
xxd A hexadecimal dump and undump utility. - 0.01 MB
xxgdb graphical program debugger interface - 0.04 MB
yakuake Yakuake is a drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology. - 0.32 MB
youtube-dl Command line youtube video downloader. 1 module 0.31 MB
youtube-dl-2016 Command line youtube video downloader. 1 module 1.18 MB
zsh the Z shell - 2.41 MB
zsync zsync is a file transfer program. - 0.06 MB