Build server was down

Build server machine (where slax modules are compiled) is down since I'm reducing costs. From now on, I will be running the module builds only locally in virtual machine, occasionally, manually, few times per week. If you feel you do not like to wait, or if I forget to run it for many days, drop me a message when you want me to run it at any particular moment. Thanks for your patience :)

Update 9th May: Guys from vpsFree.cz offered a free server for Slax, and it works very well. So from now on, all buildscripts will be compiled automatically as usual. Thanks guys! :]

User comments
yozef rosushchan 2016-05-07 16:24

Mám problém,potřeboval bych modul pro Atheros wifi adaptér,nefunguje mi wifi.
Strašně se mi Slax líbí je opravdu super :)skvělá práce.
Moc děkuji za odpověď.

Tomas M 2016-05-08 01:39

This is blog, not a helpdesk :) Try

Eduardo Suárez Flores 2016-05-12 22:28

Hello Mr. Tomas.
I consider Slax an idea coming from a genius! It´s something that I was expecting, an OS fully portable and modular, congratulations!. Sadlly, I was trying it yesterday and it got messed after the activation of google chrome module.
Today I gave it a try from scratch, without installing chrome :)
But again, I run another browser (hitviewer in this case), firefox crashed giving me an error when I run from console, something like "Line 9 font config.d".
Having this I downloaded and activated the firefox module you provide. Firefox was recovered but without the icon, no "minimize, maximize, close" handlers on top right corner even trying to make it appear using Alt-F3 and changing options in window appearance.
Finally, I restarted the OS, and when it started, all the bar from botton was gone.
Really, since I want to have my own preferences in my USB when I use my wife's laptop; I loved this OS and its concept.
Hoping it will be fully operative soon.
My best wishes Mr. Tomas M