Next version of Slax is planed in few months. This page is dedicated to list all improvements and bug fixes which should make its way to one of the next releases. If you have a suggestion or an idea which should be included in next version, feel free to get in touch, simply send email to, no registration required.

Features planned for some of the next releases

  • Implement 'quiet' mode in livekit
  • Support starting Xorg by guest - configure desktop for guest and add a boot menu entry
  • Fix chrome icon appearing twice after updating chrome with synaptic
  • Check if all .desktop icons have proper mime type so app-chooser can offer them when doubleclicking a file in pcmanfm, eg video files
  • Consider adding cdrecord (wodim) to Slax
  • test EFI support in virtualbox according to this post
  • Consider replacing genisoimage with xorriso in preparation for UEFI boot