pcmanfm back to Slax

I was sad that pcmanfm is no longer available in Debian (I was wrong) and that I had to replace it with tuxcmd. It was great surprise to find out that this is not the case (Thanks Bernd W!). It seems like when I tried to install it, I had my setup broken somehow, so it was not found at that time and I made an incorrect conclusion that it is no longer available in Bullseye, but it is still there indeed.

I am happy about this because I liked pcmanfm a lot. So I will remove tuxcmd and add pcmanfm back again. I need to say that I like tuxcmd as well, there is nothing wrong with it, it is just a personal preference where I find pcmanfm somewhat more suitable for Slax.

User comments
Tree-J 2022-02-12 15:20

Hey Tomas, just wanted to suggest you something at the live kit issues at ' Suggestions on new S.L.A.X version #190 '
+ Add a wifi manager
+ Maybe you can implement MX's way(fluxbox edition) of adding a sidepanel to fluxbox
+ Replace tuxcmd with pcmanfm and also use it for creating a desktop ( like adding this
( exec fluxbox &
exec pcmanfm --desktop) + a bit of customisation, I did it, and got it pretty easily
to your ~/.fluxbox/ startup , it will make it visually pleasant to see
+ Try adding guest and making it the default user
+ If you don't know if a package is there or no( in debian and debian based distros) use ' apt search pcmanfm' you can replace pcmanfm with the name of the package

Luuvki 2022-02-14 20:45

i liked one script from finnix distro maybe with gtkdialog will be possible create replacement for wicd, the name is wifi-connect and its depend on

apt install iw wpasupplicant

the script is here, its realy simple and elegant

and Tomas very nice will be to have posibility to cheat for syslinux set a password for root and guest, something like root-pass=mypassword

lucbertz 2022-02-15 10:03

Slax with Trinity is already available; there is a fork on Trinity project page; search for:
wiki trinitydesktop Slax_with_Trinity