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Do you have any questions or problems related to Slax in particular, or Linux in general? As the creator of Slax, I have an in-depth understanding of its internals and I can offer assistance with a wide variety of Linux-related issues too. If you can keep your question concise and well-organized, feel free to to ask almost anything!

How to use the service?

Simply fill out the form below with a detailed description of your question or issue, along with your contact information so I can reach you. I'll respond within one business day and let you know if I'm able to assist, along with the price for my services. Generally, the more straightforward your question is, the easier it will be to answer, resulting in a lower price. Once you've received the price quote, you can pay by card, PayPal, Bitcoin or Zcash. Your answer will be delivered to you within seven working days.

How much does it cost

I wish to provide an affordable service that is accessible to everyone, and that is reflected in my pricing. Answering a simple question costs $10 plus tax, while answers to more complex or lengthy inquiries cost $25 plus tax, based on the amount of time required to address the issue. Rest assured that you will always be informed of the price in advance, and you can always request refund at any time if you are not satisfied with the answer.

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