Releasing Slax 11.3

I am happy to announce that an incremental update of Slax, labeled as version 11.3.0, is now available for download.
Current release updates packages to the newest versions available in latest Debian 11.3, and fixes a minor issue in application launcher.

This Slax version was made possible by generous supporters at Patreon. If you like to see more releases in the future
and you like to become a part of the growing community of people who are interested in supporting Slax regularly,
I would kindly encourage you to join us there. You will help to ensure I can continue releasing new versions and
improve Slax in the future. Your financial contribution also accelerates development of certain milestones, which
would not be possible without you. Your help is truly appreciated. Visit www.patreon.com/slax, thank you very much for becoming one of Slax's patrons!

Download links are, as usual, at www.slax.org main page



Releasing Slax 11.2.1

Bugfix release of Slax, labeled as version 11.2.1, is now available for download.
More info can be found in Changelog.

Download links are, as usual, at www.slax.org main page



Releasing final Slax 11.2.0

More than two years since the previous update, I am happy to announce the immediate availability of final Slax version 11.2.0.
It has been an interesting journey, thanks everyone for your suggestions, help and testing.

This release features EFI support for USB booting and complete update of all packages to the versions
available in Debian Bullseye. Furthermore, it provides full AUFS support, so you can continue working
with additional modules as like in previous Slax versions, add and/or remove modules on the fly. Changelog here

The core of Slax remains similar like always, network connection can be now managed using connman, and most importantly,
chrome is no longer a part of Slax, but you can still install it with a single click or two, as well as VLC video player.

Download links at www.slax.org main page



AUFS is a must

Thanks everybody for your suggestions for improvements, I really appreciate them. I've added connman as a network manager and scite as a text editor, and things start to look pretty decent now.

I realized that overlayfs is completely unsuitable for a distro such as Slax. It does not provide the necessary functionality at all, it is not possible to work with modules on the fly. So the only way to go forward is to recompile Linux Kernel and add AUFS from sources, which is exactly what I did for this 2nd release candidate.

As like before, you can provide feedback and report bugs, preferably through the slax-users Google group

Thank you for testing and as always, have a nice day :)



pcmanfm back to Slax

I was sad that pcmanfm is no longer available in Debian (I was wrong) and that I had to replace it with tuxcmd. It was great surprise to find out that this is not the case (Thanks Bernd W!). It seems like when I tried to install it, I had my setup broken somehow, so it was not found at that time and I made an incorrect conclusion that it is no longer available in Bullseye, but it is still there indeed.

I am happy about this because I liked pcmanfm a lot. So I will remove tuxcmd and add pcmanfm back again. I need to say that I like tuxcmd as well, there is nothing wrong with it, it is just a personal preference where I find pcmanfm somewhat more suitable for Slax.



Testing Slax 11.2 based on Debian Bullseye

I made my first attempt to build Slax based on Debian Bullseye (version 11.2). Here is a work in progress (well, it is mostly finished I guess so lets call it RC1). Some of the applications are no longer available, such as leafpad, wicd, and I replaced pcmanfm with tuxCommander.

Please feel free to suggest a small simple GUI app (GTK-based) for network configuration.

This version does not include chromium browser due to its size, but if you click the icon, it will install automatically before first use.

Debian also no longer supports aufs, so it has been replaced by overlayfs in Slax. This is internal change which affects the use of 'slax activate' command (it will no longer work). I am investigating possibilities to make it work again but as far as I can see, there is no way to modify the existing overlay filesystem on the fly as it was possible with AUFS, this means it is no longer possible to add new modules on the fly while running Slax. You can of course still add modules to your ISO (or USB directory tree). Suggestions welcome.

You can provide feedback preferably through the slax-users Google group

If you wish to test next Slax 11.2.0, I have prepared ISO images. The 32bit version is the first draft, 64bit version is little less buggy. UPDATE: download is now removed in favor of final version.

Thank you for testing and have a nice day :)



Testing Slax 10.2 beta1

You can download testing version of Slax 10.2 (based on Debian 10.2) here:

Changes include disabling apparmor, which was preventing some programs from starting properly (eg. man), and fixing chromium by installing chromium-sandbox package. Also added was dummy 'sudo' command (so you can copy&paste sudo commands from internet and it will work as long as you are signed in as root).

I will be happy if you let me know problems you encounter, either by email, or using slax-users google group, or by commenting to this blog post.

Thank you



Another update for Slax 10.1 testing version

I've updated the download link to include third ISO image with Slax 10 + desktop + some apps.


Unfortunately leafpad is no longer a part of Debian so I had to exclude it. Furthermore, it looks like all packages are growing in size, so I will need to find new ways to delete unneeded stuff.



Testing Slax 10.1 based on Debian Buster

I am working on Slax based on Debian buster. If you wish to monitor the progress, or test next Slax 10, I have prepared several ISO image (64bit version), you can download them here:


One of them contains only core text mode, the other one has Desktop with fluxbox. Feel free to test and report any issues you may have.

Thank you for testing and have a nice day :)



Releasing Slax 9.11.0

New school year has started again and next version of Slax is here too :) this time it is 9.11.0. This release includes all bug fixes and security updates from Debian 9.11 (code name Jessie), and adds a boot parameter to disable console blanking (console blanking is disabled by default).

You can get the newest version at the project's home page, there are options to purchase Slax on DVD or USB device, as well as links for free download.

Surprisingly for me we skipped 9.10, I am not sure why :)

I also experimented with the newly released series of Debian 10 (code name Buster) and noticed several differences which need addressing, so Slax based on Debian 10 is in progress, but not ready yet. Considering my current workload and other circumstances, it will take some more time to get it ready, few weeks at least.

Enjoy the new release and have a nice weekend :)